First Draft

First Draft

This rough sketch is based on a boxed outline with the lettering going from top to bottom.

Final Sketch

Final Sketch

For the final sketch the original boxed logo was replaced with the outline of the bottom of a shoe and the lettering is the same style as the original but flows left to right for a more simple look.


Core Purpose: Vans designs and sells footwear and apparel for casual and action sports wear like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX and motocross.

Vision: To keep growing by evolving to a new style of today and stay true to the skate/surf culture. Vans are simple, stylish, laid back, and sporty.

Mission: Everyday Vans looks at new ways to create products that are fresh and up to date because fashion culture is always evolving. Vans also supports alternative rock and heavy metal bands through music festivals. Since 1995 Vans has been the primary sponsor for the Warped Tour music festival.

Values: Sports keeps us active and healthy so Vans wants to provide the best gear and keep stylish while working out a sweat.

Position: Vans originally started out designing products for skateboarding and today most people now wear vans because of the quality and style.

Positioning Statement: Vans will always continue to bring out stylish and quality products while keeping the durable and long lasting products everyone wants.

Character: Staying true to the skate and music culture, providing top quality products that are reasonably priced.