Hello!! it has been a while, miss me? I missed you more!!!

I made a little gallery for Oakley sunglasses with Flash. Its a really simple design, nothing too fancy. I had a lot of fun making tho and i know there’s one spelling mistake and the images are not all aligned properly however that’s gonna be fixed after i get back home in June where i have my Flash documents stored.

Check it out here –



I am currently in Renton, Washington which is just south of Seattle. Its so beautiful here, I was in California and Vegas the past two weeks and arrived in Renton just last Monday May 14th. While I was in California I had such a busy schedule i had not time to do anything. So since Renton/Seattle is a way smaller city then Los Angeles/San Dieago/San Fransisco/Fontana/Vegas I can finally relax, go for runs around the neighborhood and do some media work.

I am actually in the market to buy a DSLR and some Music equipment. I am thinking i will get the Nikon D5100 within the next few days! They have a lot of good deals for the cameras here, I was at the local Guitar Center and asked a lot of questions about instruments and gear however I didn’t buy anything yet because I believe the camera is way more important investment at the moment. I have been slacking on making videos because I still shoot with old standard definition tapes and camcorders. Who logs and captured anymore!?!?! That takes too long, HD is the new SD!!!