For this project I was given the task to create a animation using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash. For the beginning of the assignment I needed to choose a character and draw there movements frame by frame. I decided to use Bart Simpson as my character and use a Simpsons theme for the animation.

I placed a picture of Bart into illustrator and then I placed the sketch drawing of a frame by frame of a character. I traced over the picture of Bart and made different layers separating his head, torso, arms, legs, and pants into different layers. For each frame I used a new layer.

For the legs and arms in the background i changed the colours to represent shading.

After completing Barts walking cycle in illustrator I exported the illustrations into a shock wave file and then imported that file as a new movie clip in flash.

I now needed to create an environment in flash, so i decided to use landmarks from the Simpsons. The image above is the early porcess of creating of Moe’s Tavern.

I also recreated the power-plant and kwik-e-mart for the animation. In total there is 60 frames of animation running at 12 frames per second.

Here is the link to view the final animation –