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Social Media Newtorks – DMA188

Social media venues I am part of:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+

List the number of contacts you have on each social media venue:

  • Facebook – 675
  • Twitter – 79
  • YouTube – 7
  • Google+ – 18

Amount of time spent on each venue:

  • Facebook – 45 min – 1 hour /day
  • Twitter – 30 min /day
  • YouTube – 1 hour – 2 hours /day
  • Google+ – 15 min /day

Type of content posted on each:

  • Facebook – Photos, status updates, videos, web links, comments, events, messages
  • Twitter – short statements / quotes under 140 characters
  • YouTube – comments, videos
  • Google+ – photos, status updates

Venues i declined to be part of and why:

  • MSN messenger – no one uses it anymore I mainly use Facebook chat
  • Flickr – I have not got the chance to edit my photos and I mainly post my photos on Facebook however I might get flickr down the road when I want to upload my high resolution pictures
  • Blogger – I am using word press for blogging because its more professional and customizable
  • Yahoo – I use Google most of the time

Venue I use the most and why:

The social media venue I use the most is Facebook hands down. Most of my friends and family are on Facebook opposed to other social media venues like twitter, goggle+, etc. Facebook allows you to post a lot of different types of media like videos, photos, web links, events, and much more.  Also most of my friends are on Facebook every day opposed to a venue like Google+ or twitter which most of my friends are only on 2-3 times a wee.

Why social media is prominent in my life:

Social media plays a very important part of my life because it helps me keep connected to everything. I use twitter to keep me updated with the news, friends, and events. I have used twitter to get invited to events and networking too. I like using YouTube when I can look at how many views my uploaded videos received and reading comments of what people have to say. I get a lot of invited to events on Facebook, so it helps plan become more social knowing what events i can attend. Growing up the social media venues weren’t as big and fast growing today. The advancements on the Internet allow me to connect in ways to people across the globe in ways I never had access to 10 years ago. People say that because of the Internet a lot of people become less social but I don’t agree. Thanks to technology people have become way more social it just depends on how you use the technology.


Interactivity Principles of User Interface Design

The Simplicity Principle: This purpose of this principle is to make an interface that is effective and easy for any user. Frequently used tasks that are repetitive should be easy to use. User should be able to communicate with the interface clearly. Access to short cuts and hot keys accessible to user for faster procedures.

Techniques that help support the Simplicity principle:

  • Expect you users to make mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes, when you accidentally delete a file it shouldn’t be permanently deleted it should still be recovered easily weather it be right away or days after.
  • Your design should intuitable:  The user should be able to figure out the interface at first use through trial and error when they don’t fully understand it at the start.
  • Group things effectively: Items should be groped together if they are logically connected while other items should be separate

When using a Mac operating system the application you use for files is called Finder. I really like how Apple made the interface very easy to find files or applications by using a search bar on the finder windows making it very easy to find things where you cant remember you last saved that file. On the top of every application there is a task bar on the top of the screen that usually allows you to edit, find, and view things in that application. Short cuts for copy and paste can be found in the task bar tabs  however you can also use the quick hot keys that are also written down in the task bar that make repetitive tasks easy. In the finder window you also have four options to view documents as icons, lists, columns, and cover flow which make it easier to communicate in the users own language.

The Reuse Principle: The reuse principle is very key when creating a interface that includes consistency with purpose, function and visual design. The interface should allow the user to reduce the need to remember and rethink plus it should refuse internal and external components as well as behaviors.

Techniques that help support the reuse principle:

  • Consistency: Keeping a consistent design is very key
  • Using Colour appropriately: By keeping a consistent colour makes it very easy for the user to navigate and understand the interface
  • Follow the Contrast Rule: When you add colour, the contrast thought the interface should still be consistent so that the interface will be easy for the user to read.

Microsoft Word

The function and purpose of Word is to create documents and it always kept a consistent design and its visual design is very easy and great to work with. Functions are placed out in Word as tools and they are customizable to each user. The colours that are used make word very pleasing to look at while focusing on writing and the colours used in the tools make it very easy to keep on track. While writing a document if you spell out a word wrong the interface will underline problem and you can edit on the spot rather than remembering to use spell check later on which requires you to rethink about what you wrote 2 hours ago.

The Structure Principle –
The layout and placement of text, images, and all media should have a purpose on the page, and in their place.
Menus and main structures should be obvious, unmistakeable, and understandable.
Grouping and applying common attributes to alike media while noticeably doing the opposite to dissimilar media.

Etsy is very neat and tidy with URL linked text leading to clear images relating to each theme.
If you want to sell – click sell, if you want to buy – click buy with a good search bar.
All headings & pages are colour coded the same with the price & seller located in the same location every-time.
Even spacing helps to keep the viewer looking in the right place as opposed to all over the page.
No confusion when a link is clicked as the next page is very easy to understand and flows nicely.

The Visibility Principle –
Choices and selections should be easily understandable and not confusing. Too many options often confuse the user.
Repeating unnecessary information without a purpose causes clutter and confusion
Make information that you want to stand out clear.

Postmachina does a good job as a purposeful website.
It has a contact form with a built in e-mail system (while also showing their address if you want to write it down for later), phone number, and address. This is really important to be showed clear and plain. The homepage states that they are a design firm who works for web, applications, print, mobile, products, and almost everything.
You know what is being told and nothing is distracting as it is a 3 tone colour website.
No ads or unimportant information on any page.
The “SHOP” page has a link to Europe and Worldwide,  allowing customers to clearly state where they would like to purchase goods for. It’s not professional when you are attempting to purchase goods and on the checkout you learn that they do not ship to your country.

The Feedback Principle –
Inform users of actions, interpretations, changes of state, conditions, errors, or exceptions
Using clear, concise, unambiguous language that is familiar to the user
Communicate with the user when an error is made

BBC.CO.UK/Cbeebies is a kid friendly site with easy to understand language.
The site has a back button so no matter what you click you can go back to where you were.
The language is all the same – “WATCH, LISTEN, READ” – no matter if you’re in the video section, book section, or song section. It always says “play song” or “play video” or “read book”.
Colour coded helps the user know when they have left a page, especially kids. Green is reading, blue is movies.
There is a grown up button for parents to click and understand exactly what is on the site.

The Tolerance Principle –
Design should be flexible and tolerant allowing users to make mistakes.
Reduce mistakes and misuse by allowing undo and redo actions. Having back buttons with clear navigation helps users.
Prevent errors by tolerating varied inputs because users don’t know how to use a UI when they’re on it for the first time.
Interpret and recommend reasonable actions even when users don’t make mistakes.

Google is possible my favourite website of all. Although some may argue that it is merely a meta-crawler who feeds off of other websites, without Google my day to day life wouldn’t be the same.
Google allows URLS in the search bar and will bring up that URL as well as relating URLs in the search.
Google has a “did you mean” if you accidentally misspelled or related two unrelated subjects. This lets you search for anything without really knowing too much about it.
Google also has a maps feature if you search an address, as well as phone feature if you enter a phone number.

Sports Logo

For this project we were given the task to reproduce a sports logo using Adobe Illustrator to create a vector image version of the logo. We had to choose a interesting team logo that had to be a challenge to reproduce instead of choosing a simple logo that would take a very short time to reproduce. After going through a bunch of logos , I had to show my picks to the professor and get one approved in order to start working with illustrator. Finally I decided to work on the Rochester Rattlers sports logo.

The first step I decided to do was start on the bottom layer which I believed was the outer orange outline of the logo. Using the pen tool I traced the outline and then used the eye dropper sampler to fill the object. Next thing was to trace the black part. After finished the two layers I wanted to trace the white part where the pocket was on the lacrosse stick.  While tracing the outline of the pocket I thought I could just draw all the holes of the pockets on top as a new layer.

Since I already had a black layer in the background of the white pocket layer I decided to experiment using the pathfinder tool we tried out in class. I still had to trace the holes of the pocket however instead of filling the holes with black i united the tracing of the holes of the pocket with the outline of the pocket making it one object. This lets me fill the pocket with white and the holes will fill from the layer underneath which is black.

I decided to trace and fill all the darker reds next.

For the part of the logo that had the rattlers text I traced the inner parts of the type first using the same technique using the pathfinder tools to unite two objects and filling it with colour after. at first glance i initially thought that rattlers was in white however looking closer it was a light tan colour

There was an issue where I had to bring two of the dark red parts of the rattle in front of the ER in the Rattlers text so I made a new layer on top of the Rattlers text and dragged the two Dark red tracings of the rattle part of the tail onto the layer on top.

When I was tracing Rochester I had a bit of difficulty because all the text was on a slant so it was going to be hard if i typed out the text and change the text into objects as well as rotating the letters on to a slant so i just traced it all out making sure i would not pass the highest and lowest paths of the type.

Finally i double checked all the colours making sure i was sampling all the colours from the original picture of the logo and this is the final product below.

T-Rex Tooth Project

We were given the task to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth for my sketching for communications class. I used tools from my garage, tin foil, super sculpey, water colour paints, and white primer spray paint. below is a gallery of my the production guide. There is also a promotional poster and a swatch guideline.

The This project was a lot of fun getting my hands dirty and it was also very creative. I have a little bit of super Sculpey left so im gonna make something out of it in the near future.