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My Self Portrait

I took this photo in my music/production room in my basement using my GoPro camera. The GoPro is meant for taking 1080p HD video for extreme/personal POV movies, however the camera also has continuous photo shooting modes. At first I wanted to take the shots using my brothers DSLR because it has lot more mega pixels than the GoPro which only has 5 mega pixels, but i decided to use my GoPro because the lens is a wide fish eye style and my brothers lens isn’t the greatest. After making my choice I quickly found out that shooting photos on the GoPro is a lot more tricky than I thought. There is no auto stabilization or custom exposure features, therefor I needed to play around with the placement of lighting. At first I was using the ceiling light and a lamp shade in the corner in my room but since there was no exposure and aperture settings on the GoPro, the walls in the room became very bright and the physical lights looked like the sun was in my room. Another problem I was experiencing was that I set the GoPro to take a photo every 2 seconds and every time I moved, my body became blurry in the shot so I had to make sure to stay still for each pose.

After finishing taking all the shots it was Adobe Photoshop time!! My concept for the self portrait was a fairly simple idea. The main picture looking into the lens and have a ghost or two in the background jamming out. In the final product I only had one ghost on the guitar, the second ghost was supposed to be me on the drums. Because of camera placement and the placement where I’m sitting for the main shot, the original concept didn’t allow really work out cause my drums were right behind me in the main shot. This resulted in the body placement in the main shot blocking the ghost shot of me on the drums. In Photoshop I used two of the main layers and one more layer of me on guitar. On the top layer I had to take the main photo and erase all the stuff around me in the background. In the second layer underneath was me on guitar and all I had to do was lower the opacity to make me look like a ghost. Finally on the bottom layer I used the regular main photo resulted in the guitar in the main photo in the upright guitar stand look like a ghost too which is a very cool visual effect that catches my eye. I added my name and some small blue stars using the brush tool for a little more eye catching design.

I will put more photos on later of screenshots during development, so for now ill post the final product below.



Audi R8 Web Design

For this project I was asked to design a mockup website for the Audi R8.

In class we practiced using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have used both applications before but refreshing my skills in class helped a lot.

In the first picture below I started off by inserting the rulers and grids plus adding makers on the image in order to make sure all my menus, pictures, content, navigation and etc would fit properly on most web browsers. This is a very important step when designing web content because not all computer monitors and web browsers are the same. Next I looked for a vector image online for Audi’s logo, I didn’t bother making my own version because I have not learned everything about creating intense vector images using shading and 3D yet. Plus when ever you work with a company or brand you must use and follow their specific colours and fonts including typography or else if you dont follow them then most likely your client will never hire you to work for them again. saying that when i was creating the navigation menus on the top and bottom I started of with some fancy handwriting font but scrapped that because it stood out too much so i went with a more bolder looking font that works with Audi’s brand.

After I inserted a picture of the R8 itself and created a background using gradients that would blend with the R8 pictures background using the colour sampling tool in photo shop. It took me a while to get the bending i wanted but its still a skill i have to master. I also used the colour sampling tool to get the exact red shade used in the logo to match the navigation colours.

Now at this point i started to make links to R8’s features. I started off with an idea to put in a link for a test drive at your local Audi dealer because you usually don’t see that option on the features on the web site and it would attract more people to buying the car if they got the chance to get behind the wheel. Even tho the R8 is an expansive car and there’s a bunch of crazy drivers out there, I still thought it was a good idea and threw it in anyway. Plus I used a picture of the Stig from the show Top Gear cause hes also a crazy skilled driver and I am a fan of the show.

For visual effects I used the gradient tool for the features title text, learn more text and the directional shape for the link so its more appealing to the eyes.

After completing the first features section I copied it three times because its a lot easier and takes less time then reproducing a specific feature over and over and over again. All i have to do after copying the section is edit all the text and picture content by replacing it with different features, in this case I added the Engine, Drive-train, and Suspension Features.

The web site layout is almost complete however at this point I noticed that the original picture of the R8 I used was not a stock production model, it was an aftermarket modded one…D’oh!!! this was OK tho because its easy to fix this accident can happen in real life when your presenting the design to your client and they slam this mistake on your shoulders. So i found a nice picture of the rear of the R8 that included the R8 badge that on the car which worked perfect, even with the background gradient i created early in the project that i took forever to produce.

And here is the final product. I hope you enjoy 😀

Super Morlock Adventure Quest!!!

Morlock Photo Scavenger Hunt!!!

On Wed Oct 5/11 I meet up with Scott, Joel, Kevin, Aaron, James B, Trevor, and Roncell to go on an adventure. We had to get all these pictures for Andrew Tedfords class for DMA179 Creative Social Research assignment. The story details are in the photo links in the gallery. Enjoy!!!

Side note when we were at Java Only 3 out of our group of 8 people were legal drinking age. only Scott, Trevor and I were drinking delicious refreshing beer while the rest of the kids only ordered food. some people in our group are only 17 and are turning 18 on December 2011 and my birthday is December 8 so i decided to throw a party for the dudes who wont be legal till December 2012.

Vanilla Twist Doodles!!!

So here are some of my doodles for this baking company called Vanilla Twist!


Water Colour Sesh

So we had 5 mins to draw these paintings of the object that was on display.