My Twist On Little Red Riding Hood!

     Once upon a time, there was a very sweet girl named Little Red Riding Hood. One day she woke up and went to visit her grandmother. When she arrived at Grandmas place she couldn’t get out of bed. Little Red was very concerned for Grandmother and asked her what’s wrong. Grandmother said, “I have no energy, was out all night at the Wolf’s pub and the owner Wolfsterburg had this basked of special forest apples. I don’t know what were in the apples but I sure had a hell of a good time but now I feel so drained. Can you find me something that will make me feel better sweetheart?”
     Little Red was very scarred, she thought that Wolfsterburg had poisoned Grandma so that he can stuff Grandmas body and display her in his pub because Grandma has a gorgeous figure. The entire town would do anything to go on a date with Grandma. Little Red went into the kitchen to see if she had anything that could revive her. She looked and looked and there was barley anything in the house except for bread and wine Little Red had delivered to Grandma last week. She went back to Grandmas room and she wasn’t looking too good. So Little Red decided to go out on a mission to find anything that would get her Grandma back to 100%.
     The house that Grandma lives in was in the middle of the forest. Little Red had walked for miles to Grandmas house and she realized that she didn’t have that much time. Little Red started to panic and thought she couldn’t do anything. Depressed she fell to the ground and started to cry. When Little Red lay down in the grass she looked up into the trees. She noticed these glowing red mushrooms growing in this very tall tree. She said to her self, “Is that the magic red-bull shrooms that I have hear about and are impossible to find?” Magic red-bull shrooms are in huge demand in the whole world. Doctors, Scientist, Hippies, and even Hipsters will do anything to find these special mushrooms. The word on the street was that these could only grow in one very special place, one place at a time and the power to cure almost anything.
     The tree was very tall and Little Red was scared to climb the tree, but the fear of losing her grandmother was far more of a big deal so Little Red started to climb. She had a real hard time because there were a lot of obstacles to go through like branches, slimy moss. Once Little red made it to the top where the Magic red-bull shrooms she had barely any energy left and pulled them out and then passed out and fell down to the ground. When Little Red woke up she saw a Squirrel with the magic red-bull shroom in its mouth. Little Red yelled, “HEY THAT’S NOT YOURS, GIVE THAT BACK!” The squirrel immediately ran away but Little Red wasn’t going to give up the fight and followed the squirrel. After a long chase, the squirrel had surprisingly led Little Red back to her grandmother’s place. The Squirrel jumped on Little red and handed back the magic red-bull shrooms. Little red was very please after being so angry at the squirrel stole from her.
     Little Red cut up the magic red-bull shroom into small pieces and steeped them into tea. She then served Grandma the magic tea and immediately after ingesting the tea, Grandma was feeling 100% again. Grandma thanked Little Red with all her heart and promised her in the future they were going to get Wolfsterburg back for what he has done.
To be continued…